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The wavy line plain crimpers is made out stainless steel. The wavy line plain crimper can be use to decorate the icing on the cake. The measurement for the straight line crimper is 13mm.
PME Wavy line plain Crimper is ideal to make amazing design on Icing. Adjustable “Oin ring helps to get different sizes and adjustment with great comfort. Made of high quality stainless steel ensure more durability. Suitable for Wedding design on cake icin
PME Straight Line Plain Crimper is ideal to make amazing design on Icing. Set of 2 different size is helpful get creative designs. Extra serrated design help to get different shape embossing and designs

Crimp, crinkle and pleat with different styles of crimpers! Used like tweezers, crimpers are a great way to enhance and boarder your cake, they work perfectly with sugar paste to create definition along the border and the edges of your cake.

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