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Sugar paste is the icing on the cake…

At PME we strive to provide our customers with the best quality products that will enhance your baking potential whatever your skill set. There are many different ways to decorate your cakes; you could use anything from a light dusting of sweet icing sugar to layers of buttercream or cover your cakes in rolled sugar paste.

Sugar paste, commonly referred to as rolled fondant or frosting, has been a go to for cake decorators since the 16th century when it became renowned for its versatility and pliability. Unlike other types of icing, sugar paste can be stored for long periods of time and its texture allows it to be easily shaped and moulded. Rolled sugar paste also doubles as a great base icing as it provides a plain canvas for elaborate decorations,

More recently, bakers have started using other mediums such as royal icing or gum paste to build 3 dimensional decorations – great for celebration cakes! You can also experiment by colouring your own Sugarpaste to create different effects! Why not try our uncoloured sugar paste and colour it yourself with our PME Concentrated Paste Colours.

Our Sugarpaste wholesale is designed to offer you high quality products at low, affordable prices. Whatever the nature of your business, we’ve got your cakes covered with our low trade prices.

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