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A rich creamy icing ideal for cupcakes, cake fillings, coating and decorating. Quick and easy to use Just add water Free from artificial colours and preservatives Store in a cool dry place

Royal Icing

Whether you’re filling, frosting or piping your cakes, the versatility in the consistency makes this powder an essential part of any cake decorator’s kit. Shop our cake icing wholesale in bulk and try our 3 different recipes for variations of icing consistency: hard – 60ml of water and 500g of royal icing mix; medium – 80ml of water and 500g of royal icing mix; and smooth consistency – 120ml of water and 500g of royal icing mix.

Buttercream Icing

Buttercream icing is renowned for being one of the tastiest ways to frost, fill and decorate your cakes, but making it quickly and efficiently has never been easier than with our buttercream icing powder! Why not swap your butter mixture and create bold white colouring with a white vegetable shortening. Buttercream is great to use with our PME Piping Tubes to create delicious edible flowers!

Fondant Icing

Simply mix with water and this fondant icing is great for drizzling over cakes and cookies, to create your desired texture. It also works well when used with our PME Flavourings to create a tasty filling to your cakes and donuts.

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