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Wooden Dowel Rods  PME Wooden Dowel Rods  PME 2
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Dowel Rods Wooden Pk 12 (30cm 12”)

These wooden Dowel Rods come in a pack of 12 Measuring 30cm (12 inches) they provide additional support to tiered/stacked cakes and are easy to cut down to size
Easy Cut Dowels - 12 inch   PME Easy Cut Dowels - 12 inch   PME 2
This Easy Cut Dowels are great to design multi-tiered cake. Multi-tiered cakes require additional support and there are these dowels perfect for. The easy cut dowels from PME can be cut with scissors, so easy to use!
Easy Cut Dowels - 16 inch   PME Easy Cut Dowels - 16 inch   PME 2
Perfect for putting in between pillared cakes or used to support stacked cakes Length: 40 cm (16 in) Diameter: 10 mm (0.4 in) Can be easily cut with scissors or a craft knife to the required length Made from high quality food grade plastic

Pillars and dowels are a great way to ensure that your cake maintains its structure!

Whether you’re making a tiered wedding cake or an extravagant stacked birthday cake, using pillars is a great way to ensure your design holds its shape.

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