Doll Cake

Doll Cake

Published : 06/07/2019 - Categories : PME Blog | Trade PMECake , Recipes



  • 300g / 11oz - Self Raising Flour
  • 300g / 11oz - Unsalted Soft Butter
  • 300g / 11oz - Caster Sugar
  • 6 Medium Eggs



Doll Baking Pan
Large Flower Nozzle
Small Star Tip Nozzle
Disposable Piping Bag
Round Cake Card

And a sieve, whisk and 2 mixing bowls!


  First to make the cake, mix the butter and caster sugar together until they resemble a creamy consistency.

  Add the eggs and whisk until the eggs are completely mixed in.

  Then gently fold in the self-raising flour. Once the mixture is consistent throughout, ensure that your baking pan is covered with cake release before filling it with your cake mixture.

Bake your cake in a pre-heated oven at gas mark 2 / 135° / 325°F for 75 - 90 minutes until your cake looks golden brown.

Top Tip is to poke a skewer in to the cake after the recommended time to double check your cake is cooked through!

  Once it's fully cooked, release your cake from the tin and leave on a cooling rack until fully cooled down, it should look something like the picture above!

  To make the icing, gently mix your white vegetable shortening and buttercream icing mix together to create a buttercream consistency. 

  Next, evenly divide your buttercream in to two separate bowls, this will allow you to create two different colours. In this example we have used our Food Paste Colours - Hot Pink to create both a light and a dark pigment.

Top tip - Using a food colouring which is of a thicker consistency, like a gel or a paste will allow you to add as much pigment as you need without altering the consistency of your buttercream!

  If needed, use a Cake Leveller or a Cake Knife to trim the bottom of your cake which will allow your cake to sit flat on a Cake Board. You can now use a palette knife coat your cake with buttercream, we used the lighter shade of pink for the doll's dress!

Put the Large Rose Nozzle inside the disposable piping bag and cut a small triangle to allow the buttercream to be released through the nozzle. Then fill your piping bag with the main colour you want the dress to be.

To pipe a rose, gently squeeze the piping bag and drag the buttercream in around itself.

Practise piping roses on a piece of paper or card before beginning to decorate your cake!

When you're ready to start piping on to your cake, start at the bottom and work your way round the cake before working upwards. This will make it easier to keep the flowers consistent!

When you're ready to change the colour of your roses, simply wash your nozzle and repeat the same process with a new piping bag.

As you can see from the images, we changed the colour of our roses twice but continued the same pattern!

When you've finished piping your roses, poke your Doll Pick in to the top of your cake.

Repeat step 9 with the Small Star Tip Nozzle and practise piping small star shapes on a piece of cardboard.

When you're ready, start piping the doll's bodice. Make sure you cover the whole of the doll's top starting at the bottom and working round the doll. You can also add other decorations to personalise your doll cake!

Your doll cake is complete!

Make sure you leave your cake to sit at room temperature for the buttercream to harden before moving it.

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