Sugar Flower - Gerbera Daisy

Sugar Flower - Gerbera Daisy

Published : 06/10/2019 - Categories : PME Blog | Trade PMECake , Recipes




Place the cutter onto the paste and press the plunger down firmly to create the veined embossing.


Now press firmly on the cutter.

The more realistic the flowers will look more reliastic if you can use a variety of different sized cutter, cut anywhere up to 5 different petals for each daisy.

Place the petals onto the foam pad and soften the edges by sliding the ball tool around the edge of the petals, keeping the modelling tool half on and half off of the paste.

For the centre mix some primrose powder colour into a small amount of semolina to represent the pollen. Brush the outer edges of the centre with egg yellow powder then paint with edible glue and sprinkle on the “pollen”.

To make a flower on a wire, gather together a collection of floral wires and bind these together with tape to create the stem. Attach this to the gum paste daisy centres and leave to dry overnight or until solid.

Attach the petals to the stem by sliding them up the floral wire stem and securing them in place with petal glue.

Leave to dry completely.

Paint with a mixture of alcohol or lemon juice and powered colours!

We used Twinkle PinkStrawberry Sundae and Mellow Yellow!

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