Sugar Flower - Roses

Sugar Flower - Roses

Published : 06/07/2019 - Categories : PME Blog | Trade PMECake


Modelling Tools - Bone, Ball & Scriber
Roller Pad
Green Floral Wires
Floral Tape
Additional - Powder Colours



Begin by moulding a cone for the centre of the rose. To check the size lay over the cutter and make sure that it fills approximately three quarters of an individual petal shape. Make a hook at one end of a 20g wire and thread through from the top the cone. Secure in place and leave to dry.


Fit the rose cutter into the Roller Pad and using the darker shade of pink roll out finely. Place over the cutter and cut out the five petal shape by rolling over with the rolling pin.

Soften the edges of the petals with the dog bone tool and gently cup the centre of each petal with the ball tool. Add extra detail by using a cocktail stick to roll back the edges of the petals.

Thread the cone through the centre of the shape and wrap the first petal tightly around the cone. Ideally hiding the top of the cone shape.

Add the remaining petals in the following sequence 3, 5, 2 & 4 and using a small amount of petal glue to secure in place.

Using a slightly paler pink, cut out a second five petal shape. Soften and shape the petals as before and thread onto the wire. Paint a line of glue down one side of the first petal and attach to the centre. Paint the glue in the same place on the second petal and tuck the petal inside the first. Repeat the same technique for all of the petals before going back and securing in turn the unattached side of each petal. For the third layer repeat the same technique but in a slightly paler pink.


Single wired petals - using the palest shade of pink roll out a strip of paste on the veining board. Place a white wire on top of the paste taking care to line it up with the groove and approximately placed only half way along the strip. Fold the strip over and gently roll to secure in place.


Place the wired paste over one the petals in the cutter and use the rolling pin to cut into shape. Trim the petal to shape with a cutting wheel. Soften and shape the petal and place to dry. You will need approximately seven petals.

Colour the rose and petals using the powder colours. To add the individual petals bend the wire at the base of the petal before taping in place around the main flower.


The leaves are created in a similar way as single petals but this time take the plunger cutter to the paste and press down the plunger firmly to create the veining before cutting to shape. Brush with powder colour to add additional colour!

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