Step 1 - Create your Excel File

In order to use our CSV to Cart module, you need first to create your Excel File as following.

You don't need to name these columns. You just need to write the product reference in column 1, the quantity needed in column 2.

If you'd like to order more than 150 different products then we strongly advise that you create multiple Excel Files and upload these 1 by 1 as unfortunately our website is not able to handle big files at the moment (work in progress) If you face an error while uploading, please see: 2) Error 524 - A timeout occured

Once your file is ready, please, save it as Excel Workbook (.xlsx), Excel 97-2003 Workbook (.xlx) or in Open Office File (.odb).If your file is saved with the wrong extension, this model will not be able to create your order from your Excel File.

Step 2 - Upload your Excel File on Trade PMECake

Now, you just need to go to:, click on "Choose File", select your previously created file and click "Open".

Once you've opened the correct file click "Send" and your file will start uploading. 

Step 3 - Make sure there are no errors

If the upload of your Excel File was successful, here is what you should see:

As you can see from the image above, this page will show you the result and quantity of different products that have been added successfully. If this is the case then congratulations and thanks for using trade.pmecake!

If you're still experiencing problems, below are the 3 most common errors:

Error 1) Incorrect Quantities Added

If some of your products have been added successfully but you’ve still received an “Error Report” message then don’t worry!

At this stage it’s best to double check your spreadsheet and ensure that all of the product codes have the correct numerical quantity


added successfully to our cart.<However, the “Error Report” shows that 4 items were not added successfully. (Product codes: FT203, FT204, HL543, HL544)

In most cases, this is because the quantity column on your spreadsheet had been left empty or filled with invalid characters. (e.g. a letter or a symbol)

Should you face this error, please head back to your spreadsheet. Delete the lines already added to your cart (in this example you would be deleting the 25 already added items). Update your spreadsheet and re-upload it with the right quantities.

Error 2) Incorrect product/references

If you have written wrong product references on the left column of your spreadsheet, this "Error Report" will be displayed.

Should you face this error, please, head back back to your spreadsheet, double check and replace the incorrect product codes, delete the lines already added in your cart and re-upload.


As you can see here, 29 of our products were added successfully to our cart.

However, product codes 103FVF008, 103FG018 FT0901, FTAF201 and FT20356 were not added successfully.

Go back to your spreadsheet, double check that you have the right product numbers (you can do this by checking the product description on our website or our catalogue). Delete the products which have already been added successfully and replace the incorrect product numbers with the correct ones!

Resubmit your spreadsheet and the products should be uploaded.

Error 3) Error 524 - A timeout occured

If you received this error after a few minutes uploading your CSV file, it means that your Excel file was too big to upload. 

If you experience this issue, we advise you to:

- Go to our "Quick Order Form"

- Click on "Clear to Cart"

- Wait until you cart is at 0

Then, you will need to split your file into smaller pieces.

We advise to have maximum 150 line of products per file

Once split into pieces, you can upload them one by one on to our website following the same process as stated above. 

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